Our Condolences to Toya Wright and Family!

Toya Wright recently lost 2 loved ones late Saturday on July 30, 2016. Josh and Rudy Johnson were gunned down in New Orleans 7th ward. Both victims were pronounced dead on the scene. There hasn’t been many details released regarding any motives or suspects. Keep them lifted!

Deion Sanders’ Son Accused Of Beating School official!!!

Baaabbbyyyyy… I dont even know where to start. Here it goes. According to TMZ, one of Deion and Pilar’s sons brutally beat up a school official so bad the poor man had to get surgery on his spine!!! Here is the exclusive report from TMZ:    6/9/16 2:50 AM PST 365 A Dallas high school employee claimsDeion Sanders‘ teenage son brutally attacked him on school grounds … beating him so…

Kimbo Slice Dies At 42!!!!!!!!!

Kimbo slice has passed away for reasons that are unknown, he was 42. He was hospitalized for undisclosed reasons, but was said he was not looking to good. Rumors are swirling about heart failure and as of now that’s all it is. Kimbo made his way to the UFC after many of his viral videos made him a internet sensation for knocking out the opposition. Outside the ring he is…

“Go Yayo Channel 8 News WFAA ABC RESPONSE Truth #CantBanYayo”

  Go Yayo recently made news when he made an appearance at a local school to help students gear up for the Staar test. Some parents were outraged after learning Go Yayo is from the streets and even more concerned after watching his visual for hit record “Boom God”. Yayo is back with his response to set the record straight. Is this a double standard? We say yes. There are…

“Itz Da Tekniq – Rollin- World Premiere

Itz Da Tekniq is back with his new visual to hit single “Rollin”. Following the release of “Life Of A Local Celebrity” Tekniq is still putting his mark on the Dallas music scene, and the lyrical content speaks for itself. Dallas officially has a problem check out the new video to Rollin and pick up the new album.

The Greatest Dies At The Age Of 74!

Earlier this week it was reported that the great Muhammad Ali was suffering from respiratory issues. However, it was reported he was in “stable” condition. That has since changed!!! It has just been reported that Muhammad Ali has indeed passed away. This is unfortunate news to report, however we would like to send our condolences to his family and loved ones. May his soul rest in Paradise.

Indie Artist Of The Day!! “Levi Cartier”

Levi Cartier has been busy lately blessing well know artist with fire verses and hooks, Levi is really starting to buzz in the streets. His versatile style and sound is on major level and he is only getting better with time. Levi says “Soon the others will start trying to sound like me”. Giving that his music is highly addictive and this being a copy cat game, it’s good to…

More BabyMama Drama for Future!!!!

Ciara is not the only baby mama that Future Hendrix has co-parenting problems with! It’s been reported from The Jasmine Brand that Jessica Smith, one of many babymamas is suing Future too! She is not happy with the $2800 a month child support she receives, saying it is no longer sufficent. And she claims that Future has neglected their son and has failed to maintain a meaningful relationship with him….

“Prince Reportedly Died of an Opioid Overdose”

As of Thursday (June 2) the cause of death was released by the associated press, in an article that states Prince died of an overdose due to Opioid. Opioid is precribed for pain and is very addictive, almost five times more addictive than heroin. Rumors say he was battling the flu that caused him to postpone a few concert dates. He was found unresponsive in his home. More details as…